DIY Shorts and Capris

Spring is in the air and Summer will be here before we know it! Where I live,  Spring means having days of 80 degree weather to cold and rainy. Summer means days HOTness, like 110 degree hotness. When our first 80 degree day of the year came, I realized that I had nothing but jeans and a few skirts, nor did I have the funds to just rush out and buy new clothes. So, I got resourceful! I had a pair of grey and black skinny jeans that I no longer wore, which would were in perfect condition.

What I love about this, is that I can customize the length of the shorts, guaranteeing modesty. This method works with all kinds of pants, not just jeans.
PicMonkey Collage Jeans to Capris


Step One: Put On Thy Pants. As long as it fits your waist and not too loose or tight, you’re good. Take a pen (Ballpoint, sharpie, dry erase, whatever you have that will leave a mark). While still wearing the pants, Place a small mark to know where to cut. Make sure to take into account that you will roll the hem at least two times.

Step Two and Three: Take Off Thy Pants and Fold In Half:

Lay Flat




Step Four: Cut at the Line you previously drew.006

Step Five: ROLL!!! I suggest rolling at least two times to hide the cut edge. Tada!! You are done!


To make shorts, Follow the same procedure, but cut the pant legs shorter.
PicMonkey Collage Jeans to Shorts


I hope this has encouraged you to get out your scissors and creative spirit! If you do thing project, share your awesome version below so all of us can see! See you next time!

With Blessing,



Post Run Chocolate Shake + Running Playlist

chocolate frosty

This upcoming Monday, I am going to be participating in a 5k! This 5k has inspired me to look up recipes, music, stretches, and anything to improve my running for the 5k and long after. This is my favorite recipe that I have found. After my run this past Tuesday, I got the ingredients, put in the blender, and tasted the best post workout shake I’ve ever made.

If you guys are interested check out the recipe for this Frosty Light at Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth.

appropriate running playlist pic

Also in the spirit of running, I have been cleaning and restocking my running playlist- filling it only with appropriate yet feet pounding jams. Just thinking about it makes me want to lace up my tennis shoes and hit the pavement! I personally think that these songs would be great for motivating you in whatever you’re doing!

I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do!

~Rebekah T.

Characteristics of a Proverbs 31 Woman

Many of us has prayed to be like the Proverbs 31 woman. Wife of a godly, respected husband. Mother of well behaved kids. A heart for God. Even our own business.

But what are the characteristics of a Proverbs 31 woman? What makes her this way? Well, here you go!

I suggest you open your Bible and take a look yourself. What other characteristics do you see?



~Rebekah T.

Gratitude {Week 5}

“Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that came to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.”~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Beauty Newspaper

I’m grateful for small town newspapers that make grandparents proud and for sisters playing sisters.

gratitude Sushi

For Supreme California Rolls, slippery chopsticks, and imitation crab.

gratitude Cricket

For cricket- messy eater, black beauty, and vacuum extraordinaire.

gratitude yarn

For the beginnings of soft blankets and little golden hooks.

gratitude poptart

For crumbly, gluten-free toaster pastries.

gratitiude text

And for sweet messages from friends.

Being grateful turns everything into enough. What are you grateful for this week?

With Blessings,

~Rebekah T.

My Fourteen Daily Rules


There have been many habits that I have been wanting to become a part of my daily life for quite awhile, but I kept forgetting to actually do them! So I finally sat down and came up with these fourteen daily rules.

  1. Wash Your Face Every Morning and Evening. (It wakes me up in the morning, helps me relax in the evening, and clears my skin!)
  2. Write At  Least One Blog Post (Good resource for the future when I don’t have time to write a post and you can only improve your writing skill by writing more!)
  3. Make Bed (When my bed is made in the morning, I feel more organized and able to tackle the day)
  4. Write In Your Journal Every Night (In years to come, I want to be able to look back and remember this blessed life that I have now)
  5. Have Bible Time At Least Every Morning and Evening (“at least” is the key word. Some days I am rushing around so much that I forget to stop and have time with the Lord. But if I start off my day reading my Bible then I feel prepared for the day; When I read my Bible before bed, I sleep better and it sticks in my mind”
  6. Exercise for At Least 30 minutes. (Exercise is very important. Need I say more?)
  7. GO OUTSIDE! (Go outside and thank God for this amazingly beautiful world we live in!)
  8. Get Rid Of One Thing (Everyday I get rid of one thing because it is a visual reminder of the fleeting things of this world, and the everlasting love of God. And I don’t use half the things I own ;))
  9. Take a Picture (Another picture, another memory captured)
  10. Read A Poem (Poetry has a way of making the world, and the painful things in this world, seem beautiful. Plus, I love poetry. How do you learn to write poetry? You read Poetry.)
  11. Stretch (Limber up!)
  12. No School On Bed (I find that when I do my school work on my bed, it is EXTREMELY hard for me to focus. So I usually sit at a table where I am forced to be sitting up and paying attention.)
  13. Don’t Eat Anything That Has A Commercial (If it needs a commercial, then it was probably made in a factory with preservatives, and chemicals, and stuff that is really not good for you. Shout out to my friend Benjamin who has inspired me to take my health more seriously!)
  14. Read/Listen To A Sermon (You can never spend too much time in the Word, nor can you learn enough about the Gospel. This is an easy way to do that. There are hundreds of free sermons available to stream and read online. Here are a few of my favorite websites: Grace To You, MBC, and I’ll Be Honest.

I know that this seems like a lot of things to accomplish in one day on top of all your other responsibilities and tasks, but in reality it’s really easy to complete! Download sermons on your phone or Ipod to listen while driving, doing chores, working out, etc.  Take a picture and read a poem all while sitting outside. BOOM! Four tasks done.

I hope you guys are encouraged by some of these rules. Feel free to adopt them for yourselves!

Until Next Time,


A Week Of Skirts- Blogging Party + Link UP

Good morning! About a week ago, my blogging friend, Libby, invited me to join her challenge “A Week In Skirts” The challenge is to where a skirt (or dress) everyday for a week. Since I mostly own dresses, I didn’t wear much skirts. Many other bloggers have joined this challenge as well, and I encourage you to check out them out! Let’s dive in shall we?

My sister Calista decided to do this with me, so I’ll go through her outfits as well.

calista week collage

All of these outfits are made from clothing items are from hand-me-downs, thrift stores, and kohls clearance racks.

Now for mine!

becky week collage

Yes, I know I look upset in the last picture, but it was really bright outside.

Let me make this easy- Everything here is from Kohl’s (mostly clearance rack), few things from thrift stores, grey shoes from Famous Footwear, and Brown boots from Target.

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing our various outfits. Did it give you any ideas for modest outfits of your own?


Make sure check out the other beautiful ladies that have participated!

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With Blessings,

~Rebekah T.

link up

Ways to Love Challenge {Week 4}


Hello Lovely Ladies! Was last wee’ks challenge a little difficult? Well This week’s challenge is inspired by Colossians 1:9

” And so, from the day we heard, we have not ceased to pray for you, asking that you may be filled with the knowledge of his will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding”

The Week’s Challenge:  Pray without ceasing.

Nothing is more humbling than to know somebody is fervently praying for you. Praying is the perfect was to show somebody you love them. When you hear of something to pray for, don’t pray one time, and leave it there. Pray everyday, pray without ceasing.

I will be praying for my lovelies!

With Love and Blessings,