About Rebekah


Born, raised, and residing in sunny California, Rebekah wants to live in a world where everyone drinks tea, books come bundled with pizza, and every “thank you” note is scribbled by hand.

As a Christian, writing enthusiast, actress, and sister to seven she decided to start a blog- Lively Laughter- a place where she writes about being single, homemaking, tough lessons, and ultimately glorifying Jesus Christ.

When she’s not filming new videos or performing on stage, you can find her reading and re-reading her favorite books, cooking delicious gluten-free recipes, and shamelessly watching seamless hours of Downton Abbey.

Rebekah’s hope is to encourage and motivate you through all things praising Jesus.

You can find more of her work over at Teacups and Blossoms– a blog dedicated to tea


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