10 Ways to Get More Stuff Done



Goodmorning Everybody! I am particularily excited about this post, mostly because I have struggled with my daily to-do list for a long time (and let’s be honest, I still do). These 10 tips have helped me enormously in getting more ofmy responibilites done not only on-time, but more efficiently. It also helped me have more time to futher my relationships, this blog and so much more.

Whatever your goal is, I am positive that at least one of these will help you. So let’s dig in!

1. Evaluate Your Priorities.

Take 10 minutes to list your priorities and to examine who or what is important to you. Keep this list in a place where you can look at it frequently, and make sure the big stuff comes first.   So many (many) times I find myself wasting precious time by goofing around on Pinterest or Facebook which takes away time from what is really important to me. Once you have your priorities in line, everything comes smoothly after.

2. Set the Timer

This may be one of my favorites. I work the best under pressure, so when I know that I only have 15 mintues to tidy my room or do the dishes I try my best to race to the finish line and beat the timer. Plus, limiting yourself on things like social media is real time saver because if I’m honest with myself then I know it’s a real addiction.

3. Wake Up Earlier

Obviously This isn’t going to apply to everybody, but for me I find that I am most motivated and proactive between the hours of 6am-2pm. Once 2:00 rolls around All of that determination has flown out the window. I use my afternoons for things like social media, tv, reading, crocheting, and things that don’t require a super amount of focus and attention.

4. Make a Daily To-do List

Create a list of things that absolutely have to get done every. single. day. This goes along with making priorities. Once I have my daily checklist comepletely finished, I can continue on to anything else I want/need to do. For example, my daily to-do list includes: 1)Clean Bedroom 2)Clean Kitchen 3)Tidy up Bathroom 4) Any School Assignments Due 5)Bible Time/Devotion

Once I have that done I can go on to working on Lively Laughter, Teacups and Blossoms, and so forth.

5. KISS- Keep. It. Simple. Silly.

Keep your to-do list short and daily goal measurable. I am the queen of overestimating the day and getting discouraged quickly. Keep your to-do list to an absolute maximum of 7 things. Also don’t write down vague undescriptive tasks. Instead of “Clean House” break it down into specific, doable tasks such as “Clean Bathroom” or “Vaccum Floors” The same can apply to free-time tasks. Instead of “read a book” put “Read for 30 mins” or “read one chapter of…”

I’ve noticed that the more specific the tasks are the more likely I am to do them and the less open to interpretation thay are.

6. Turn Off Electronics

Yes, that includes TV, Computers, Phones, Tablets, video games, etc. Electronics are very distracting and alluring. It’s to tell yourself that you are only to quickly check that notification from Facebook and the next thing you know it’s an hour later and it was all for naught.

This one if probably my biggest struggle, but when I stick to this habit I notice a big difference.

7. Do Not Multitask

“Oh don’t worry! I can easily work while watching this movie. For every task I get done, I get to watch ten minutes, see?!”

Sorry, that doesn’t work. I try to make it work every single time but so far- no enchalada. If you put all of your focus and energy into one task at a time it will not only get done faster, but instead of having an entire list of half-completed projects, you have half a list of completed projects.

8. Keep a Pen or Pad on Hand

All day, everyday I have different ideas for things to look up, explore, new tasks, and blog post promts that it’s so hard not to do it right away! When something pops into my head I quickly write it down so I can let it go {insert snow flury here) and move on, otherwise I either take a bunch of rabbit trails, forget this “amazing” idea, or both.

9. Take a Break ONLY When Tired

I’m talking headache, stressed, utterly distracted, tired. I used to use breaks as a reward system between assignments or tasks, but what would happen is that after my break I would continue having a break instead of going back to work. I mean, who wants to work when you can watch Netflix?!

I struggle with discontentedness, and knowing that I can take break even when I have the motivation to do stuff is a major danger zone for me.

10. De-Clutter

I am a HUGE supportive of de-cluttering. Look around your work space (wherever that may be) and remove any possible distractions. Put away the dishes, fold clothes, and get rid of anything that would result in a greater possibility of you getting distracted.

I promise that if you sincerly to commit to one or all of these these tips then you are on your way to xhexking those boxes and opening up minutes (if not hours).

So you have any tips to stay focused or to get more done throughout the day?

With Love and Blessings,

~Rebekah Elaine


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