Saying Goodbye to Emotional Pornography


I am saying goodbye to the emtional garbage that keeps infiltrating into my life.

The credits are rolling. The book has closed. The song has ended. Girls all around the world are falling in love with hundreds of perfect guys known as “fictional characters” who are witty, talented, good-humored, and let’s not forget: handsome. But women and girls need to rip open that emerald curtain and realize that we are only seeing what the directors and publishers want us to see- perfection. Emotional Porn is created to mess with women’s emotional sides, to distract girls from their present lives, and to make women discontent with real, hardworking, godly men.

What is Emotional Porn? Emotional pornography comes in the form songs, novels, movies, commercials, Facebook statuses, blog posts, YouTube videos, you name it.  It markets primarily to women and their emotional desires, presenting fantasy to a woman as reality, very similar to the way physical pornography presents fantasy to a man as reality.

Emotional Pornography is created to mess with women’s emotional sides. If I have learned anything in my pursuit of acting is that: ACTORS AND ACTRESSES ARE CAST FOR THEIR LOOKS. Yes, yes, their acting capabilities play into whether or not the casting directors think they are fit for the role or not, but you can have a crazy talented actor who knows how to portray the character’s personality perfectly, but if he is doesn’t fit the handsome status quo, it all goes for naught.

Our favorite leading gentlemen in our favorite movies are cast specifically to provoke and mess with our emotional sides. It disgusts me that people I will never meet understand my emotions and desires better than I do- and they are willing to manipulate said feelings to earn their living.

Emotion Pornography distracts girls from their present circumstances. All I have to say about this is that once the idea of a perfect man is planted in a young girl’s mind, it never leaves. I spent most of my life dreams and longing to be married. But these dreams distracted me from where the Lord has me now- which is exactly where I need to be.

Emotional Pornography makes women discontent with real, hardworking, godly men. This is an ugly truth, but it is a necessary one. Those strapping young men you see on T.V. and you read in your novels don’t exist. An author sat down and created that perfect boy who in a mere 300 pages will steal your heart. I’m sorry to tell you that Edward, Peeta, Mr. Darcy, and Tobias do not exist.

But why are so many women and girls holding onto to the hope that one day, Mr. Darcy will come and rescue them from their hum-drum life? It is because those characters fulfil their emotional and physical needs… and their cravings for eye candy. Real men cannot do that for you. Real men are sinners just like us, they fail constantly. They are also not created to fulfil our emotional needs- they are created to serve their God and Father. But there is good news! There is one man who can fulfil every single one of your needs… and that absolutely real and perfect man is Jesus.

I have found myself comparing real, hardworking, godly men to my dream man who is only real in my mind. But those real men have always fallen short! Not handsome enough, not charming enough, gets mad, not sensitive enough, not a high paid lawyer, not a world-renowned chef, not a creative charmer, and list goes on. But then again, they are strong in the Lord, working hard at whatever is at hand, loves his family, respects his parents, and is active in the church. These things are much more important than all the superficial things that make up our Mr. Darcy.

We need to say no to emotional porn. Say no to letting the Devil creep into your heart and stealing you away from everything that God has so perfectly made and given you. We must be aware that these dangers are everywhere- yes, especially Pinterest. I’m not saying that you can’t watch your favorite movies and books, but be aware of what it’s doing to your heart. Emotional porn is a real problem, and it is our job to protect our hearts for our husbands.


3 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to Emotional Pornography

  1. Carissa says:

    Wow. I could not agree more. You expressed your views so perfectly! Would you mind if I re-blogged this post on my blog,

    Your an amazing young lady! Love your blog! God BLESS you!

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