My Fourteen Daily Rules


There have been many habits that I have been wanting to become a part of my daily life for quite awhile, but I kept forgetting to actually do them! So I finally sat down and came up with these fourteen daily rules.

  1. Wash Your Face Every Morning and Evening. (It wakes me up in the morning, helps me relax in the evening, and clears my skin!)
  2. Write At  Least One Blog Post (Good resource for the future when I don’t have time to write a post and you can only improve your writing skill by writing more!)
  3. Make Bed (When my bed is made in the morning, I feel more organized and able to tackle the day)
  4. Write In Your Journal Every Night (In years to come, I want to be able to look back and remember this blessed life that I have now)
  5. Have Bible Time At Least Every Morning and Evening (“at least” is the key word. Some days I am rushing around so much that I forget to stop and have time with the Lord. But if I start off my day reading my Bible then I feel prepared for the day; When I read my Bible before bed, I sleep better and it sticks in my mind”
  6. Exercise for At Least 30 minutes. (Exercise is very important. Need I say more?)
  7. GO OUTSIDE! (Go outside and thank God for this amazingly beautiful world we live in!)
  8. Get Rid Of One Thing (Everyday I get rid of one thing because it is a visual reminder of the fleeting things of this world, and the everlasting love of God. And I don’t use half the things I own ;))
  9. Take a Picture (Another picture, another memory captured)
  10. Read A Poem (Poetry has a way of making the world, and the painful things in this world, seem beautiful. Plus, I love poetry. How do you learn to write poetry? You read Poetry.)
  11. Stretch (Limber up!)
  12. No School On Bed (I find that when I do my school work on my bed, it is EXTREMELY hard for me to focus. So I usually sit at a table where I am forced to be sitting up and paying attention.)
  13. Don’t Eat Anything That Has A Commercial (If it needs a commercial, then it was probably made in a factory with preservatives, and chemicals, and stuff that is really not good for you. Shout out to my friend Benjamin who has inspired me to take my health more seriously!)
  14. Read/Listen To A Sermon (You can never spend too much time in the Word, nor can you learn enough about the Gospel. This is an easy way to do that. There are hundreds of free sermons available to stream and read online. Here are a few of my favorite websites: Grace To You, MBC, and I’ll Be Honest.

I know that this seems like a lot of things to accomplish in one day on top of all your other responsibilities and tasks, but in reality it’s really easy to complete! Download sermons on your phone or Ipod to listen while driving, doing chores, working out, etc.  Take a picture and read a poem all while sitting outside. BOOM! Four tasks done.

I hope you guys are encouraged by some of these rules. Feel free to adopt them for yourselves!

Until Next Time,


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