A Day With Calista: Valentines Day

I am going to do this. Calista is my beautiful little sister, she says the most hilarious and amazing things. For the longest time I have wanted to keep a log of the things she says, but I somehow talked myself out of it every time. So I decided that I am going to start now! Here are ten things that Calista said to me yesterday.

(1) *Calista runs into the bedroom this morning*
Calista: *Gasp!* “Becky! Shirley Temple died yesterday!”
Me: “What?! but… but…”
Calista: “I know! I only remember seeing her as a kid, She wasn’t supposed to grow up! She can’t die! And she was only 5’2″!! I guess even short people can live that long!”
Me: “hahaha ouch.”
Calista: *sigh* “Well… I just guessed that I should share that depressing news with you…” *She walks away grudgingly*

(2)”You know, it must be really hard to talk to someone who can’t talk or see. I mean, I guess they can read sign language…”
Me: “haha people don’t ‘read’ sign language.”
C: “Well, there’s that thing where blind people can run their fingers over the page and know what their saying.”
Me: “haha, do you mean Braille?”
C: “Yes!! But it’s like the same thing, right?”

(3) “Your jacket is sooo warm! I’m just going to take off your hands for you… now you can’t read sign language [Braille]”

(4)”I don’t really care about Valentine’s Day. Most girls are like: ‘oh my gosh! look at what my boyfriend got me!’ but me? I’m just here for the day-after discount chocolates.”

(5)”I am so excited for Saturday. DISCOUNT CHOCOLATE!!!!”

(6)”Becky! Look at this! It’s a perfectly good scribbled on envelope with a little heart in the middle! I’m going to give it to Grandma Sandy!”

(7)”I’m not one to leave [Becky] hanging… generally.”

(8)”I wonder if my tongue can reach the bottom of this bowl…”

(9)”Look! It’s a camera lens! Cheep! Cheep!”

And finally….

(10) “Four more days to discount chocolate!!!!”

I hope Calista has made you all laugh as hard as I have. Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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