The Five Senses

I remember in second grade when my teacher was teaching the class about our five senses. She told us to stick our hand out and count the senses on our fingers; touch, smell, sight, sound, and taste. Since then, I haven’t really thought about my senses or how much I use them in everyday life until it came up in a school assignment. Here are some descriptive paragraphs to inspire you next time you write. Try and use your five senses to describe your surroundings.

  1. The hot sand squishes between my toes and grinds against my skin as I run. The cool salt water splashes my legs and cools my feet. A long strip of seaweed wraps around my right leg and unravels again as the water pulls back.
  2. The cool sheets rest on top of me, the silky quality gliding when I move my arm. My head rests upon a cloud, the stuffing morphing around the side of my face. The ripples of the pieces of cloth sewn together feel bumpy and yet soft. The heaviness of the quilt feels pleasant, furrowing beneath the warm, feathery bedding.
  3. A sweet aroma glides through the air. Like a bouquet, scents arise from the perfumous petals. Dirt and fertilizer mix with the nutty scent of wood of the planter box. The aroma of rust comes from the old tools, surprisingly pleasant.

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