I’ve learned a long time ago that looking like a fool is inevitable. I’ve also learned that when you are caught in one of these less… “desirable” situations, it’s best to embrace the fact that you are human and you have flaws. 

I laugh at myself, literally, ALL. THE. TIME. 

I’m one of those ungraceful, awkward, goofy, snorts-when-I-laugh kind of girls. When I do have those extremely rare “OHMYGOSHDIDYOUJUSTSEETHAT” moments I ruin it by asking that very same question and doing something that makes everyone forget my totally awesome moment. 

But that’s me! I love being awkward! It makes life so more enjoyable. 

I’m the girl who runs across the tile floor at full speed (in socks) and kicks up her right leg to karate chop her sister while the left leg slides right out from under, bringing the floor up to meet her bum in a forceful reunion.

I’m the girl who couldn’t figure out why seven men were so short in Snow White and The Huntsmen. 

I’m the girl with breathing spasms. Who on a four our flight, stops breathing while sleeping and jumps awake while donkey-kicking the seat in front of her and slamming her arm across the chest of a very large man.

This same girl forgot her OWN name while introducing herself to a teenage boy.

I am the girl who is injury prone. Who walks out of the bathroom because she was putting a bandage on her cut finger and runs into a wall.

I am also the girl who cannot tell a joke for her life because I always tell it backwards. 

I’m the girl who blurts out comments like “I wish my teeth were as white as my legs”… in public.

I laugh in almost every situation.

Yes, all of these events are true.

I don’t try to be like this, but I embrace it. 


I’m awesome in candids.


It’s the only comfortable way to sleep in the car 😉


In my defense, I don’t remember doing this…



In 5th grade, I dressed up as a Woopie Cushion for Halloween.


Yeah… I took a picture with a pickle.

Are these pictures a little embarrassing? Yeah… But I am also proud of them.

I am a real person, and I have fun with it!

Here’s another awkward thing that I have to admit… I don’t know how to end this post, or what my goal in it was. But I hope it made you laugh, made you smile, convinced you in some way that it’s okay to be you! Maybe it even…*cough* made you gain some respect in your’s truly?

I guess I will close with a quote.

“Normality is a paved road: it’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it.” ~ Vincent Van Gogh 

2 thoughts on “Confession

  1. Conni Kerr says:

    LOVE THIS “confession” 🙂 It definitely makes me love you even more 🙂 Congratulations on NOT being “normal” 🙂 Love, Grandma Conni

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