No More Children

This is a bitter-sweet day. I’m not talking about leaving 2013 and entering into the unknown of 2014. I am talking about the scary thought that there are no more children in the Thornquist/Turner family.  Eight siblings-three married, one (recent) high school graduate, two high schoolers, and two middle schoolers.

Today, child number 8, the baby of the family, turns 13 freaking years old. She is no longer a child, but trust me, she will always be the baby.

1471220_579709952082490_491169387_nThis beautiful girl is Imagin. She is three years younger than I with two sibling in between us. She is always full of laughs, smiles, and jokes.

1506055_579710455415773_63821138_nShe drives me crazy! But I fall in love with her every hour that we are together. Our family wouldn’t be complete without this girl.

21181_480136632039823_603998844_nMy mom and Step-dad adopted her and our sister Shayla five years ago. Leading up to the adoption, I was praying with all my might for another little sister, And God answered my prayers!

12423_480126598707493_409494759_nShe’s always been spunky, adventurous, playful, and spirited.

555770_475461325840687_1810801228_nLast April, She won the spelling bee at her school!

539553_456620111058142_1599753894_nLast April she also tried to run away. She didn’t come home from school which ended at 1:30pm and the police didn’t bring her home until 6pm that evening. With no note, we were scared out of our minds. Since then, none of us have taken her for granted.


She thinks of dangerous and noble things. She is light and frolicsome. She is improbable, beautiful, and afraid of nothing as though she has wings.

998229_515780501808769_59617984_n She never has to remind herself that she doesn’t have to normal and she knows that a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.

994075_579709995415819_1164043842_nShe loves sports, music, dancing, and spending time with people. Give her the opportunity to talk to somebody and she will fly away with it.

535902_536792999707519_411483257_nThis is Imagin. A magnificent, glittering, noble, striking, luminous, sunny girl who cannot possibly be described in a blog post.

960250_579710108749141_1858151150_nFor those who don’t Know her, I’m sorry, you are truly missing out.

So here is to a girl who will march through life, unafraid of the future.

Here is to my baby sister,

Who is no longer a baby.

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