Peter Pan (The Panto)

1185881_533961873323965_739407244_nFourteen weeks ago, shy, little me walked into the theatre ready to audition for Peter Pan (The Panto). I had been a resident of this small town for two weeks and didn’t know anybody in this theatre company. About one and a half weeks after auditions, I got a call from Carol (the director) saying that I got cast as Wendy and my little sister, Calista, got cast as a pirate!

I was so excited!.

The first day of rehearsals had arrived and I was so nervous.

1394082_553659108020908_1520598483_nBut little did I know that in the next couple of weeks I would make some awesome friends.


Before I knew it, it was Hell week. I saw the same people everyday.


It was then opening night. Then the light parade. And this past Sunday was closing night.

1474617_573915232661962_1269405512_nI have laughed harder, smiled bigger, hugged deeper than I have ever done before. It’s hard to understand the concept of “theatre family” until you experience it.


Through pizza between shows, hand massages, balloon animals, dancing, jokes, potassium, card tricks, top hats, and spontaneous singing, I have fallen in love with theatre again.


Thank you guys for such an awesome 14 weeks. It felt like forever, but I guess forever has to end sometimes.



This is not goodbye.

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