A Wistful Afternoon

Photo Cred: Lucie Camp

I finally have a day off. I’m in between classes and performances, sitting on the couch in a big hoodie, wrinkles jeans, and holey socks. I have the greatest desire to write something amazing, which I suppose is why I’m writing right now.

Today I feel… wistful.

Wistful- Characterized by melancholy;longing;yearning.

I am not particularly sad, or yearning for anything in specific. I am quite content actually. Today seems like a day to dream, to close my eyes and listen to the sounds of people living.

I imagine driving in the rain. Nothing on the radio, no talking, just the sound of raindrops and window wipers.

I imagine sitting on the end of a pier, dipping the tips of my toes into the water and watching the ripples.

I imagine hiking up a mountain and sitting on  a huge rock while looking over the valley.

For me, some of the most beautiful moments have the absence of words.

When two people can look at each other and a smile simply enough.

Today I am content.

I am dreaming.

I am Okay.

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