Days Like This

It’s on days like this, where I just want to do whatever I please. I want to fly, run away with my dreams, spend the day away at the beach, be the perfect version of me that never manages to escape my brain. But today I get to clean out the garage! Yay…. Let me tell you this,


You might think I’m exaggerating, but when I walked out there this morning I thought I was going to curl over and die. It is ‘Oh my gosh I need a gas mask now!’ bad. And I am on a mission, to find what is causing that terrible awful smell. Huh! it’s giving me shivers just thinking about it.

I wish I could be the sister my siblings deserve. When ranked against other sisters, I’m probably a two. I love all (nine) of my siblings, I can’t imagine them not being here, but I never treat them how they deserve. It’s like I lose all patience and understanding with them all the time! I’m trying to be an amazing older sister, to be loving, gentle, kind, playful… but it’s hard, you know? That’s all I have for now.


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